In September of this year we will be celebrating Davis Communications Management’s 20th birthday. Since my business is old enough to vote and almost old enough to drink, it’s time to reflect on raising this young one to adulthood and share some of the things I’ve learned.

When I left my last job, Bill Clinton was president of the United States, Governor Arne Carlson was a Republican and Jesse Ventura’s run for governor was an amusing distraction. The World Trade Center was still standing, we were figuring out how to invest the ‘peace dividend’ from the collapse of the Soviet Union and innovators were figuring out how to make money with websites.

A lot happens over 20 years. My business has grown, shrunk and taken on work that I never would have predicted.

Here is the beauty of working in a consulting, counseling role- each person, each organization you work with imparts its wisdom to you. If you pay attention, you can’t help but get smarter, better and more valuable to your current and future partners.

In each of the twenty weeks leading up to Davis Communications Management’s 20th birthday, I will be posting a new blog post. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to say. I expect that we’ll talk about what has changed since 1998 and what has remained the same. We will probably look at things that have worked well and things that have not worked well and the lessons we can take from both. Expect to read a lot about gratitude for the people of the village that has nurtured this company.