How What You Call if Can Make All the Difference

Between 2000 and 2008, Davis Communications planned and implemented grassroots communication programs to help units of the University of Minnesota earn funding for capital projects from the Minnesota legislature. We helped convince the legislature to provide funding for construction of Regis Center for Art, and the renovations of Nicholson Hall, Jones Hall and Folwell Hall. […]

My Best Career Move

This was originally posted on my LinkedIn profile on September 4, 2015. It’s still true. My best career move…. Today is the 20th Anniversary of what may be the best move of my career. Twenty years ago today, I was laid off from my job. By September of 1995, I had been the top communications […]

Twenty Years of Gratitude

In September of this year we will be celebrating Davis Communications Management’s 20th birthday. Since my business is old enough to vote and almost old enough to drink, it’s time to reflect on raising this young one to adulthood and share some of the things I’ve learned. When I left my last job, Bill Clinton […]