Communication Counsel- in Confidence

Your story is what matters. What you have done and what you are seeking to accomplish. We provide strategic communications planning and implementation that focuses on your company, your campaign and your reputation. We work confidentially – always understanding that our work is focused on your reputation and accomplishing your goals.

Communication Planning- backed by research

Experience matters- and so does good current information. Our team includes research and competitive intelligence pros who will dig for the information we need to provide good informed research. We offer data base searches, competitive intelligence, focus groups and survey research.

Strategic Planning
Creating and implementing integrated communications plans that will move your audiences to action

Crisis Communications Counsel and Management
Developing and implementing strategies to protect your reputation in the face of unforseen events

Litigation Communication
Developing and implementing communication strategies to support legal strategies

Media Relations
Telling your organization’s story through the news

Public Affairs Counsel
Working with policy makers to accomplish your strategic goals

Community Relations Counsel
Creating and implementing community outreach and involvement plans

Making your organization stand out through compelling writing, presentations, speeches and printed material

Helping develop communications skills within your organization