Client: Saint Paul Public Schools

The Opportunity

In late 2010, Saint Paul Public Schools Superintendent proposed a bold plan to remake the Saint Paul Public School district to address twenty years of broad demographic changes, sharp reductions in funding, and a persistent achievement gap.  The Strong Schools Strong Communities plan reflected the latest research in urban school leadership.  It also involved significant changes to the Saint Paul school’s once innovative magnet schools and was, as a consequence, very controversial.

Seizing the Opportunity

Davis Communications led a team that developed a four-month campaign to build understanding of the plan among community leaders and school district stakeholders.  The information campaign included more than 100 meetings and members of the public.  The team prepared speeches, presentations, print and electronic media and an earned media plan designed to build public support for enacting the plan.

The Results

At the end of the campaign, the school unanimously approved the strategic plan and implementation began.  In building strong working relationships with the Board, Community Leaders, parents, students, the teachers’ union and the community, Davis Communications Management helped the Superintendent Silva overcome the controversy and implement a long-term strategy.