When your event is covered in every major news outlet in the state, Minnesotans get the message. Once again, Davis Communications helped reminded thousands of Minnesota National Guard members and their families that we appreciate their sacrifices.

Under the banner of ‘Serving Our Troops,’ Minnesota National Guard members deployed in Kuwait enjoyed a steak dinner with their families- half a world apart. In the largest event of its kind in military history, more than 13,000 Minnesotans and their collegues in Kuwait dined on steaks shipped form Saint Paul while more than 3,000 of their family members had the same dinner at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium in St. Paul. Both events were linked by video so families could see and talk with their soldier. More than 2 Million Minnesotans were touched by the event through extensive media coverage that generated more than 30 TV news stories, dozens of print stories and extensive radio coverage.

Ted Davis, Principal of Davis Communications Management was one of the founders of Serving Our Troops in 2004. For the St. Paul to Kuwait event, Ted played a central role in the planning and fundraising effort while directing and implementing the communications effort in Kuwait on the day of the event.

Among the communications tools created for this project were:
• A remarkably affecting fundraising video
• A true partnership with KSTP Television to create the video connections between St. Paul and Iraq
• An intensive federal government relations effort to gain permission form the military to undertake the mission
• An event that was as fun as it was moving.

Serving Our Troops raised more than $500,000 in cash and in kind services for the event. The job included sourcing and shipping 13,000 12 ounce steaks to Kuwait, preparing 3,000 meals in St. Paul and figuring out how to set up a two way video link to take the meal across the globe. A very complex way to deliver a simple meal with the family.

For more on Serving Our Troops, visit www.servingourtroops.com.