Litigation Communication

Legal battles are often fought — and won — in the court of public opinion, long before lawyers see the inside of a courtroom. Without a coherent communication strategy designed to complement the legal narrative, even a positive legal outcome can damage the reputation of a city and its leaders.

At Davis Communications Management, we understand the importance of balancing legal needs and public relations during a crisis. The way a case is communicated in public can have a profound impact on the legal case. A coherent communication strategy designed to complement the legal narrative can preserve the reputation of the client.

Our team helps clients develop, prepare and execute litigation communications strategies. We provide strategic planning, message and materials development, speaker training and preparation and media relations support. Our consultative services are available on retainer and on a 24×7 basis.

Message Development
Framing your narrative plays a critical role in creating positive impressions and perceptions – or changing misperceptions – when an organization is involved in high profile litigation.

The DCM Message Process is both a disciplined and creative approach to developing messages and sound bites that are remembered and quoted.

DCM produces messages for internal and external stakeholders that combine the most pertinent facts and data with stories, example and visual elements. The result is more than a series of messages; it is a logical, fact-supported narrative that provides context and content for proactive and reactive communications – whether it helps an organization get in front of an issue, set or reset context in an ongoing coverage, stem a crisis from happening or getting worse, change perceptions or introduce a position.

Where can you use messages? Speeches, interviews, social media campaigns, sales and marketing pitches, road shows and employee town halls.

DCM defines and answers important questions like:

  • What are your communications themes and objectives?
  • What proofs do you have to support your messages?
  • How will competitors/stakeholders/customers react to each message?
  • How can you shape public perception on controversial issues?
  • What statements and sound bites will be most memorable and persuasive to your key audiences?
  • What type of testing and measurement will let me know the messages will resonate with key audiences and stakeholders?

Crisis Consulting
DCM offers years of experience in helping clients strategize before, during and after crisis situations. We offer expertise on handling the media, talking to the public, communicating with employees, and cooperating with regulators and law enforcement. Our consultative services are available on retainer and on a 24/7 basis.